Feb 5, 2023

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Price: $6,850.00
Size: 70"high x 91"long x 30"deep

Less than two years old, this multi use movable food cart was bought brand new and has only been used two summers for baseball games.  It has since been in a protective tarp in a storage building so it has been kept in excellent condition. It was used for ice cream, smoothies, to power machines (blenders, nacho machine, pretzel machine, etc) and more. The cart also has an adjustable top to cover it if you decide to use it outside and the top raises up via a hand operated lever with a fluorescent light up top. It has multiple outlets and compartments for many, many possible different uses.

It cost $13,500 new but is now being sold for $6,850.00
  • Has multiple storage facilities used to keep items hot and cold and also for washing items
  • Has multiple power sources and plugs so you can plug in multiple different machines to keep items hot or cold (2 outlet plugs on left, 2 more outlet plugs on right) or additional equipment
  • 70" high x 91" long x 30" deep, approx. measurements with kiosk top down
  • Cart is on wheels (that are lockable)
  • 2 stainless steel covered openings, 7.5" circumference x 8" deep rectangular container 24" long x 9" wide x 8" deep (same on right after hand sink) hand sink, 25” width  x 8” height x 12” deep.
  • 3 compartment sink
  • 2 long drawers on each side for plenty of storage, 23.5" long x 7.5" wide x 3.5" deep
  • Left side cabinet has a hand sink that pulls out with hot and cold water
  • Next 2 sliding door opening is a reservoir 44" long x 15" deep x 10" high
    on right cabinet is breaker box & water heater
If you are interested in the location of this unit, shipping estimates, or additional pictures, gives us a call TOLL FREE at 877-383-6252 or email sales@drivethrucoffeekiosk. Be sure to mention the reference number 133JJ.